vasile jucanThe third edition of the International Festival “Sigismund Toduţă”, with a massive form regarding its unfolding and content, with qualitative and comprehensive velleities of titles, authors and performers, with a presence in which abides the prolegomena of Cluj school, proposes a discourse of international cultural values as a fair and simple reverence brought to the personality of the composer, musicologist and our Professor Sigismund Toduţă.

“Gheorghe Dima” Music Academy, Honorary President /

RECTOR, Prof.univ.dr. Vasile Jucan



cornel taranuSigismund Toduţă has been and will be a „spiritus rector” for the Music Academy of Cluj. He is the composer of the grand Romanian oratorios: Pe umele lui Horia [In Horia’s tracks], Miorița and Meșterul Manole [Master Manole], the last one being a continuation of a project initiated by Enescu. He is the professor of successive generations of composers who later became known in the country and abroad. He is the author of the important exegeses on Bach accomplished together with his disciples in three imposing volumes. He is a „homo faber”, who marked the construction of the main music institutions in Cluj, and the initiator of the first Music Doctorate in Romania. His sovereign figure gained a natural presence under the cupola of the Romanian Academy. As his former disciple, I can only be happy to go through the programmes of this Toduţă Festival, which surpasses the preceding festivals by its dimension, diversity and significant national and international musicological and artistic attendance. My warmest congratulations to the organizers!

Acad. Prof.univ.dr. Cornel Ţăranu

“Gheorghe Dima” Music Academy




3rd Edition

May 15-21, 2016

Sigismund TODUTASigismund Toduţă (1908-1991) is a well-known Romanian personality. Composer, musicologist, member of the Academy and eminent teacher of the Cluj music school, through his own teachers (among them we mention Marțian Negrea), he embodies a synthesis of music schools: the Romanian one, that from Berlin, from Paris and Vienna (1926-1936). His studies are completed by a doctorate at Pontificio Istituto di Musica Sacra from Rome (1936-1938) as well as by the composition classes with Ildebrando Pizzetti, specialized in Gregorian chants and Medieval polyphony, accomplishing thus his compositional style as an authentic combining of local popular melodies with counterpoint.

The main forms in Toduţă’s writings, the canon, the rondo and he variations can be found both in his choral miniatures (Triptic) and in his larger, instrumental works (Passacaglia for piano), in his great symphonic works (The 3rd Symphony „Ovid” , the 5th) and in his vocal-symphonic pieces (Mioriţa, Meşterul Manole, Pe urmele lui Horea).

Together with George Enescu, Sigismund Toduţă is considered one of the most representative Romanian composers, remarkable through his originality of style and impressive works, awarded with numerous distinctions: the “George Enescu” prize, the “Robert Cremer” prize, the State Prize, prizes of the Composers’ Union, the Academy “George Enescu” prize.

We also owe him the founding of the Doctoral School (1968, the first one in Romania), as well as of the Philharmonic Choir in Cluj (1971) and the education of several generations of composers. The works dedicated to vocal and instrumental soloists, to prestigious choral and orchestral ensembles of the “Gheorghe Dima” Music Academy have stimulated musicians and have enriched the contemporary repertoire. We also must mention, to add to it all, Sigismund Toduță’s wit and elevated style.

His disciples have dedicated him numerous concerts and national festivals and competitions over the years. The year 2013 (May 13-17) marked the first International  “Sigismund Toduță” Musicology Festival, which generated a wide interest: teachers, students and audiences have participated, during one week, to a cultural exchange from partner universities from Austria, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia, Bolivia and Romania. The teachers invited have held masterclasses and took part in a conference on the specific of every national culture; musicology students have also attended the conference together with their teachers, while the younger ones got involved in the organization of the festival, as volunteers. The evenings would conclude with recitals and concerts held by soloists and ensembles from the Music Academy, with a repertoire including mostly works of local composers, as well as new interpretations of Sigismund Toduță’s compositions.

The year 2015 marked two major events dedicated to the memory of Sigismund Toduță: the International Competition for Organ Compositions February 1– March 1 and the International “Sigismund Toduță” Festival the 2nd Edition, May 13-17. Both events were dedicated to young people the year when Cluj-Napoca was European Capital of Youth. The festival progressed under the sign of creation, as most guests were composers, but also interpreters and musicologists from England, Austria, Germany, Italy, Poland and Romania. The week filled with many and various high quality events – masterclasses, lectures, the awarding of the Doctor Honoris Causa title to composer Alexander Müllenbach, the interpretation in concert of the winning organ compositions, concerts and recitals – ended with the unanimous wish to continue the festival the following year, with new perspectives.

The key moments of the 2016 edition are the awarding of the Doctor Honoris Causa title to the Finnish professor Eero Tarasti, international authority in semiotics, as well as masterclasses of Byzantine music, music reviewing, composition, conducting and modern dance – followed by recitals of the students and the presentation of first auditions from the composers invited - from England, Austria, Bolivia, Italy, the Netherlands, together with those of the Toduta school of composition. Moreover, as 2016 marks the anniversary of 25 years since the founding of the “Sigismund Toduță” Foundation, this 3rd edition is dedicated to the seniors of the Music Academy, who have kept the maestro’s memory alive through the years.

We offer thanks and gratitude to the organizers, the “Gheorghe Dima” Music Academy and the “Sigismund Toduță” Foundation, as well as to the financial supporters of the project – the Town Hall and Local Council of Cluj-Napoca, the Cluj County Council –, to our partners– the “Babeș‑Bolyai” University, the “Transilvania” State Philharmonic, the Romanian National Opera House and the Hungarian Opera House –, as well as to our numerous sponsors. We thank and congratulate all those involved in the organization of the festival: professors, musicians, auxiliary personnel and especially volunteers, for their enthusiasm.

We also take this opportunity to announce the following 4th edition of the festival, in May 2018, when we celebrate 110 years since the birth of Sigismund Toduță.    

We look forward to having you as our guests! 


“Sigismund Toduță” Foundation President, Festival President /

Conf.univ.dr. Ecaterina Banciu

Executive Director &External relations Coordinator

Lect. univ. dr. Oana Bălan