What a privilege to be invited to come to your festival. I had occasion to admire the drive and the collegiality of staff and students at the Academy.

You are blessed with splendid people working and studying here.

This festival has the potential to become one of the well-know fixtures in Europe and I augur you much success in the future.

Is it possible to have performance of the work of the visiting composers?

A. Fernandez

Thank you for the invitation! It was a pleasure to share idea in your very friendly institution!

Andrea Szigetvári

A great experience with nice colleagues and as smart as motivated students!

I’m excited and hope to see you all of you very soon again!

Fritz Trümpi (Viena)

Thank you for this new experience! Everything was wonderful and exciting!

I hope to see all of you again J


“ff sempre crescendo!”


All together for sharing the music, our experiences, our idea of the sound… here, in Cluj…

A wonderful moment, thank you for the invitation!

Gianvincenzo Cresta

Thank you for you great hospitality. For giving us a possibility to share our experience, but at first to learn a lot from the other. I hope to come back here one day.

Dear Friends

This was a great moment in my life! To be with you among such inspiring colleagues, dealing with an exciting topics. Here one feels what friendship and Music can reach when they come together.

I wish you so much success for a radiant Future. I am one of yours now. Thank you so much!

Alexander Mülenbach

Thank you so much for this wonderful experience to be here: your hospitality, generosity, the music to discover, the colleague, I had the chance to work with…

a great pleasure and honor

Axel Baun